Affordable Housing Crisis

The affordable housing crisis in the United States has reached critical levels, with skyrocketing rents and home prices far outpacing wage growth. As countless families struggle to find stable and affordable housing, we recognize the need for innovative solutions.

We firmly believe that mobile home parks and extended stay RV parks have great potential to provide affordable housing options for millions of Americans. With our commitment to investing in and renovating these communities, we are able to increase the number of safe, clean affordable housing units available to individuals and families.

Average Cost

Of a single-wide mobile home is $76,400 while the national average cost of a site built home is $387,600.

Average House-Price-to-Income Ratio

In the U.S. is 5.8, more than double the 2.6 experts recommend.

To Afford
A Home

Americans need an average income of roughly $166,600, but the median household income is just $74,580.

“Manufactured housing carries lower monthly costs than other units. According to the 2021 American Housing Survey (AHS), households living in manufactured homes reported a median monthly housing cost of $660, which was roughly half that of households in single-family homes ($1,230) and multifamily homes ($1,180).”

Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured Home Cost
New Home $78,500
Used/Existing Home $5,000-50,000


Single-Family Home Cost
New Home $316,700
Used/Existing Home $231,700
Manufactured Home Rent
Land Lease $300-900/mo


Single-Family Home REnt
Median Rent $1,650