Liberty Capital Group

Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns Through Direct Investment in Manufactured Housing Communities, RV Resorts, and Self Storage Facilities.

Investment Strategy

Liberty Capital Group seeks to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns through direct investment in Manufactured Housing Communities, RV Resorts, and Self Storage Facilities. LCG targets off-market properties in the state of Florida with immediate cash flow and a focus on long term value creation. We are owner-operators, with a boots on the ground approach to asset management. Our unique acquisitions strategy and direct operational approach allow us to deliver high cash on cash returns and force appreciation.

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Manufactured Housing Communities

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

We believe manufactured housing communities (MHC) offer some of the most attractive risk-adjusted returns out of any real estate asset class. Demand for quality affordable housing continues to grow, but the supply of mobile home parks is decreasing due to redevelopment and NIMBYSM. Unlike apartments or single family homes, we only own the land, not the units themselves. This allows for greater profit margins as we are not responsible for repair and maintenance on the homes.


Self Storage Facilities

Lowest Default Rates

Self storage facilities have the lowest default rate of any commercial real estate asset class. This is largely due to their ability to  perform well during economic downturns. In hard times people are often downsizing or moving, increasing the need for self storage. During the COVID-19 pandemic self storage saw the highest occupancy and rental rates to date. We target storage facilities with multiple value-add ‘levers’ we can pull to yield above average  cash on cash returns and force appreciation.


Recreational Vehicle
(RV) Parks

High Yield Returns

With record high RV sales in 2020, RV travel has become the preferred way of vacationing for many young families and retirees. RV parks commonly yield some of the highest returns of any commercial real estate asset class due to their ability to generate income from multiple sources. Most RV parks are operated by ‘mom and pop’ owners and have stayed under the radar of large institutional investors. This means there is significantly less competition and lots of opportunities to add value. LCG targets RV Parks in high growth, senior oriented markets across the state of Florida.